Install Prerequisites

These instructions assume you are using Microsoft Windows but you should be able to follow them on a Linux or Mac with minor modifications.

When there is a significant difference on non-Windows platforms it will be called out in a box like this one.
Tips or solutions to common problems will be highlighted in a box like this.

The minimum hardware requirements for using the SDK are:

  • 12 GB RAM (preferably 16 GB or more)
  • 4 CPU cores
  • 20 GB free hard disk space

The Spark SDK uses a tool called Docker to distribute all of the tools you need to build and test your trading algorithm ("Algo"). Once you have Docker installed you can download and import the Spark SDK image and be ready to start developing your Algo in a few minutes.


Download and install Docker Desktop for Windows/Mac.

During the install Docker may ask you to enable virtualization support and reboot.

Once Docker Desktop is installed and running it will create an icon in your system tray area that looks like the Docker logo.

Right click on the tray icon and choose 'Settings' and choose the 'Advanced' tab.

Ensure that the docker image has 8192 MB of memory and at least 2 cores. Memory that you assign to the docker image will not be available to Windows/Mac while Docker is running. CPU cores are shared with the host OS. Since you are going to use this image to compile your Algo it makes sense to allow Docker to use all available cores.


You need to give Docker access to the Windows drive where your source code is kept.

Open Settings -> Shared Drives and check the drive where you intend to keep your Algo source code.

If you run into trouble with drive sharing, see Docker Desktop for Windows tips on avoiding common problems.


The Server SDK includes a complete configuration for C++ development with the Visual Studio Code editor. If you are a new to C++ development on a Linux system we recommend you give this a try as it's the easiest way to get up and running quickly. Of course, If you have a different editor that you prefer we fully support that as well.

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